Dates August 6 (Sun.) – October 1 (Sun.)
 * Oguro Junichi x SIAF Lab, numamon exhibited on Aug. 6 (Sun.) and Sep. 11 (Mon.) – Oct. 1 (Sun.)
 Hours  10:00 – 17:00 (Sat., Aug. 11 (Fri., national holiday) and Sep. 17 (Sun.): until 19:00)
 Closed September 9 (Sat.)
Venue Moerenuma Park (Moerenuma Koen 1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo)

Co-organized by: Sapporo Parks and Greenery Association
With the cooperation of: Isamu Noguchi Foundation of Japan, Inc., Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM), Watari Museum of Contemporary Art


In the Moerenuma Park venue, a project featuring the history of the park and the perspective of sculptor Isamu Noguchi will be held at the Glass Pyramid, the symbol of the park.

In an indoor space, a new Moerenuma Park version of without records created by Otomo Yoshihide, Aoyama Yasutomo and Ito Takayuki using more than 100 secondhand record players will be shown. With this work at the center, various artists will offer their own pieces. A balloon-shape sculpture with an organic structure by Matsui Shiro, a visual work with a diorama by Ito Takayuki, which focuses on the history of the park that was once a final disposal site of non-burnable waste, and an art robot K-567 by Nam June Paik – these works intertwine with each other to retrace the history of Moerenuma Park. ARTSAT × SIAF Lab will release work in the stratosphere, the entrance to space. A technique referred to as telecording will be used to represent the cosmic-scale concept that Noguchi put in the design of the park. In an outdoor space, Oguro Junichi × SIAF Lab will perform sound sculpture using environmental data in the venue, including winds and temperature. Technology development for these is supported by technical team of the SIAF Lab.

You will have an experience that cannot be expressed in words when you see these works in the huge sculptured park created by Noguchi (= Moerenuma Park). This place full of Noguchi’s inspiration (= playscape) will be regenerated (= replayed) by the inspirations of today’s artists. Moerenuma Park will be a stage for new creation.