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The Asian Meeting Festival (AMF) was started by Otomo Yoshihide in 2005 with the hope of promoting a robust creative interaction between Japanese and other Asian musicians. With the festival nestled within the auspices of Ensembles Asia*, and with the inclusion of Yuen Chee Wai from Singapore and Hong Kong-based dj sniff as curators since 2014, AMF has evolved into one of Asia’s foremost experimental, improvisational and noise music festivals. For the 2017 edition, following a tour through Fukuoka, Kyoto and Sendai, AMF will hold its finale in Sapporo at SIAF. In Sapporo, the Asian musicians will be joined by local musicians, as well as special guests Haino Keiji and Oren Ambarchi. They will perform in various combinations and collaborations over the two-day period. Workshops to understand experimental music are also scheduled in July.

*A project by the Japan Foundation Asia Center and P3 art and environment to spread the new potentialities in music to the world.


If you want to make a reservation, please fill out the form below. Please present your festival passport or you can pay the admission in cash at the door on the day of performance.

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Asian Meeting Festival 2017 – Sapporo Special

Date (1) Sep. 23 (Sat., national holiday) 16:30 open  17:00 start
(2) Sep. 24 (Sun.) 14:30 open  15:00 start
Lineup  Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Tainan), Arnont Nongyao (Chiang Mai), C. Spencer Yeh (New York), Caliph8 (Manila), dj sniff (Hong Kong), Musica Htet (Yangon), Nguyen Thanh Thuy (Hanoi), Otomo Yoshihide (Tokyo), Yii Kah Hoe (Kuala Lumpur), Yuen Chee Wai (Singapore)
Special Guest (1) Haino Keiji (Tokyo)
(2) Oren Ambarchi (Melbourne)
Guest (1) Katsui Yuji (Tokyo), Hojito Ryoji (Sapporo), Yoshida Nonoko (Iwamizawa)
(2) shimetta-inu (Sapporo), Takahashi Ikuro (Sapporo ), TENTENKO (Tokyo)
Venue Sapporo Art Park, Large Practice Room (Geijyutsu-no-Mori 2-chome 75, Minami-ku, Sapporo)
Admission Free by SIAF passport presentation, Door: 2,000 yen
Note There will be a pop-up booth by Taiwanese restaurant “Goto” at the foyer 1 hour before the opening time.

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