DOMMUNE is an Internet streaming broadcast station that was established in March 2010 and has been streaming talks and live DJ performances to approximately 10,000 viewers per time, reaching total viewer numbers of over 50 million around the world. Ukawa Naohiro, the mastermind of DOMMUNE, calls the filming, broadcasting and recording of programs in the DOMMUNE studio his own “Genzai (just now) art” work.

100 Japanese Contemporary Artists is a project of DOMMUNE that started in 2014, and an autobiographical interview program to reveal the personal histories of 100 Japanese contemporary artists. In SIAF2017, Season 5 of this interview series will be shown at two venues. DOMMUNE SAPPORO!, a satellite studio, will open at the CAI02 gallery in Odori Nishi 5-chome, where the broadcasting of the program and an exhibition are planned. On the first basement floor of the Hokusen Plaza Sano Building in Susukino, a space in pink that was once a hostess bar will be used to display unique exhibits.

In the days ahead, interviews with artists for Season 5 will be recorded and distributed in Tokyo and Sapporo and these videos and the artists’ works will be shown in SIAF2017.

With the cooperation of: YAMAMOTO GENDAI

Exhibition Shinohara Ushio, Otomo Yoshihide, Yamakawa Fuyuki, Nakazawa Hideki, Saito Hidesaburo

Dates August 6 (Sun.) – October 1 (Sun.)
Hours 13:00–20:00
Venue Susukino Venue: BF1, Hokusen Plaza Sano Blog.
Closed Mon. *open on Aug. 7 (Mon.) and Sep. 18 (Mon., national holiday)

ExhibitionSapporo Loop Line / Sawa Hiraki

Dates August 6 (Sun.) – October 1 (Sun.)
Hours 11:00–18:00
Venue Odori Venue: CAI02
Closed Mon. *open on Aug. 7 (Mon.) and Sep. 18 (Mon., national holiday)

Live Streaming

Dates -August 5 (Sat.) interview: Kuwakubo Ryota, Live+Talk: Sachiko M (ASR)
-August 6 (Sun.) interview: Sawa Hiraki, Live: Fujita Yosuke, Tenniscoats, MC MANGO
-August 18 (Fri.) Otomo Yoshihide
-August 19 (Sat.) Nakazawa Hideki
-September 16 (Sat.) Yamakawa Fuyuki
Venue Odori Venue: CAI02 special studio and other places
Time 19:00–23:00 (planned)
Admission 1,500 yen (planned)

Plans include approximately eight public recordings and broadcasts at the DOMMUNE studio in Tokyo and at the DOMMUNE SAPPORO! satellite studio in Sapporo from March 2017 to the end of the festival. Information on the artists and schedule will be provided as needed through the official website and SNS.