Date August 27 (Sun.)
Time OPEN: 15:30 START: 16:00
Venue Sapporo Concert Hall “Kitara” (Nakajima Koen 1-15, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)
Conductor Otomo Yoshihide
Directed with the cooperation of Fujita Takahiro
Performance Sapporo Collective Orchestra
Program director Arima Keiko

The Sapporo Collective Orchestra is an orchestra in which everyone from elementary school students to those aged up to 18 can participate regardless of skills and experience. Improvement in skill and correct performances are not required here. Unlike ordinary orchestras, neither the composer nor the conductor leads the orchestra. Participants who are different in age and experience collaborate with others they have now met here while respecting each other’s sound.

In 2016, lecturers were invited from various fields to hold multiple workshops. In 2017, Otomo Yoshihide, Fujita Takahiro and participating children will work together in workshops to create an epoch-making orchestra.