Date August 14 (Mon.)
Time 20:30–21:45
Venue Odori Nishi 2-chome (Odori Nishi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)

Co-organized by: Sapporo Summer Festival Executive Committee

Kishino Yuichi is a “studist” who produces innovative events within communities. With the theme “Anyone is welcome. Creating a parallel world in the town,” Kishino has performed DJ events with local residents. This project will finally arrive at Sapporo. By bringing about a better understating not among friends but among people who have little in common, the aim is to have people reconsider real neighbors and local characteristics through music. In SIAF2017, featuring Chinbantei Gorakushisyou as a guest, DJ set at Bon Odori appears in the Sapporo Summer Festival to be held at Odori Park.