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What’s On

画像:アートメディエーションプログラムメイン画像 画像:アートメディエーションプログラムメイン画像
Welcome to the SIAF2020 Art Mediation Program
for Kids and Families!
We invite you to join diverse activities to do
at home and during walking through Sapporo.
Let’s look at our closest surroundings and the whole city
from a different perspective.
Listen, Look, Imagine
ーAudio Guide through your house
Maybe you had a chance to experience an Audio Guide in a museum or a gallery. This time we invite you to use a special Audio Guide… at home. The voice will lead you through your house showing you things that maybe you never paid attention to. Through listening to different sounds and looking closer at your surroundings, you may discover something new in places and objects you see every day.

Concept: Magdalena Kreis
Text: Magdalena Kreis in collaboration with the Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee Secretariat
Sound: Paweł Kreis
Proofreading of the English version: Barbara Kregiel
Proofreading of the Japanese version: Kanoko Tamura
Lectors: Kanoko Tamura (Japanese version), Magdalena Kreis (English version)
UNTONE from Sapporo
ーActivity Book
Explore Sapporo with SIAF2020’s character UNTONE. All the places that appear in this book are associated with”roots” and “clouds”– mentioned in the main theme of this year’s edition. Find out obvious but also unexpected “roots” and “clouds” in the city of Sapporo. Make a special cloud-shaped ruler and draw freely in the book.

You can get paper copy or download and print it out at home:
1) Booklet:
 distributed in public facilities in Sapporo. Click here to see where you can get it.
 *Contact the SIAF Secretariat (TEL: 011-211-2314) if there are none in stock at the facility.
2) Downloadable PDF: Print it out at home
What you need:
Scissors / stiff paper – to make your own ruler
Pencil or pen – for notes and drawings

We have two sizes of PDF files for you. Please select one that suits your printer.
A3 size(21MB): It’s printed as A3 spreads. You can get the cover and stencil for making the ruler when cutting the first page in half.
A4 size(23MB): We recommend you to print it double-sided and staple few times along the left-edge. The last page is the stencil for making the ruler.

画像:みんなの・みんなで「Of Roots and Clouds」イメージ
Collection of Roots and Clouds
Search for “root” and “clouds” – the one in the ground and those in the sky… but not only! Find also those more abstract one in your surroundings. Curly hair, fluffy clothes, whipped food, entangled cables, underground subway systems… This unique Collection will be presented at the event to be held in February 2021.

How to participate:
1)Post photos on Instagram:
 Tag @siaf_netokumo and use hashtag #netokumo.
2)Send photos by email to netokumo@siaf.jp
 with a tiny description and location where they were taken.
Mo(e)re Play
Moerenuma Park is full of unique shapes, including glass pyramid, landscape compositions and playground equipments. Let’s play with the wooden boards and elements inspired by those shapes and experience the perspective of Isamu Noguchi, the designer of Moerenuma Park.
Premiere in January 2021

Concept: Magdalena Kreis
Design: Paweł Mildner
Japanese typesetting: Hiroaki Shirai
Cooperation: Kazumi Miyai (Curator of Moerenuma Park), Sapporo Parks and Greenery Association
Woodcraft: Community Activity Support Center Ippo Hompo (NPO Sapporo City Welfare Life Support Center)
Woodcraft Cooperation: Genki Job (NPO Sapporo Activity Support Center Life for the Disabled)

1) Workshop in Moerenuma Park
Let’s play with the elements and explore the ideas of Isamu Noguchi.
For more information
2) Enjoy at home
Print the materials and create your compositions based on Isamu Noguchi’s shapes.
What you need: scissors, glue and A4 size paper
PDF will be available in January.