What is SIAF?

The Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) is an artistic event held in Sapporo, Japan once every three years, and SIAF2020 will be its third edition. Launched in 2014, this triennial events has previously been held from summer to autumn, but we have decided to hold SIAF2020 in winter to leverage more of the features and appeal of Sapporo-a city with snowy winters. SIAF2020 has been cancelled.

We’ll introduce how to enjoy the art festival
while looking back on previous editions.

We’ll introduce how to enjoy the art festival while looking back on previous editions. The works of contemporary art are different from paintings and sculptures; you will also find works using for example video, sound and space. SIAF has been creating opportunities to showcase contemporary artworks by international artists giving the opportunity to experience that not only to professional audience, but also to the local citizens.
Our official YouTube channel offers the archives of previous editions and events, and also the video programs of the SIAF2020 Team of Directors openly sharing “here and now” of SIAF2020 and discussing on the current state of art.
Image:Official YouTube Channel

We introduce 2 key points to enjoy SIAF.


Short trip around Sapporo!

It’s little bit hard to see all the exhibited works in one day since the venues for SIAF are scattered around the city. We suggest and invite to spend in Sapporo few days as ‘short trip’ traveling the venues, but also around Hokkaido. Make sure you have enough time to see all the venues – for Sapporo Art Park through the cental part of the city, to Moerenuma Park to fully enjoy the whole festival.


Tons of events to happen!

There will be various events and programs during the festival. We recommend you to enjoy the festival by not only appreciating the exhibited works, but also by participating in workshops and gallery tours.


What Can We See at SIAF2020?

SIAF2020 introduces contemporary art and with a special attention to media art as Sapporo is a Creative City of Media Arts. Media artworks are using different technologies (like moving picture, sound or the internet), but they also comment on usage of technologies. In SIAF2020, you will find diverse artworks like for exmaple Re:Senster, the legendary and groundbreaking cybernetic sculpture that was lost for 40 years, or Towards No Earthly Pole, a video set in glacial regions by Julian Charriere. Also, renowned masterpieces related to Hokkaindo will be merged with contemporary artwork within the special collaboration with local museums. Outdoor exhibitions will give and opportunity to see art just by passing it by and encourage to appreciate appeal of snowy winter in Sappro.

Edward Ihnatowicz, Senster
Photo by Natalia Kabanow Courtesy of WRO 2019/WRO Art Center

ジュリアン・シャリエール《Towards No Earthly Pole》 2019 映像からのスチル
© the artist; VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany