Art Mediation

SIAF2020 will put into practice a process of art mediation as an attempt to connect the art festival better with a broader audience and society. This approach offers a set of practices and activities that invite visitors to participate in dialogue for which the starting point will be the artworks and the exhibitions. The goal of art mediation is to build a situation that allows everyone to share various experiences and to open up interpretations. All the participating artists and festival team will work on implementing the ideas together. We aspire to encourage visitors to take part in a process of exchange and co-creation at the festival.


Art Mediation in Practice 1

In 2020, leading up to the festival, we will continue to offer programs that enhance the acts of seeing, getting to know, and thinking in order to deepen people’s appreciation of art. The pre-events will evoke opportunities to share different perspectives not only about art but also other issues as well as to discover diverse approaches related to the participating artists’ work and activities.

Art Mediation in Practice 2

Art Mediators
In order to make the festival enjoyable for more people, SIAF2020 will collaborate with “art mediators,” who could be anyone interested in taking part and learning something new. With their help, we want to mediate the festival and visitors in a range of different ways. The goal is to open up individual relationships with visitors and allow them to experience art better.

  • Art Mediators as Exhibition Guides
    Learning foundational knowledge about contemporary art as well as skills to assist the viewing experience, these art mediators will serve to connect visitors with the artworks through dialogue.
  • Art Mediators as Visitor Guides
    These art mediators will offer assistance in the venues by providing information that helps visitors enjoy the experience of the festival more fully.
  • Art Mediators as Local Supporters
    Using their knowledge and experience as local experts, these art mediators will help SIAF develop the ideas of art mediation derived from local resources before the festival.

Art Mediation in Practice 3

Programs During SIAF2020
In collaboration with SIAF2020 curator Magdalena Kreis, who has created many art mediation projects especially at exhibitions and art festivals in Poland, we will organize various activities and proposals that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages and co-created by audiences.