About SIAF

Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) is a triennial art festival held in Sapporo. It was launched in 2014 and the second edition was held in 2017. Diverse artistic expression including exhibitions and performances were showcased at various locations throughout the city.

Previous SIAF


Dates: Saturday, July 19–Sunday, September 28 (72 days)
Guest Director: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Theme: “City and Nature”
Sub-theme: “Nature”, “City”, “Economy, Community and Life”

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Dates: Sunday, August 6–Sunday, October 1 (57 days)
Guest Director: Otomo Yoshihide
Theme: How do we define “Art Festival”?
Sub-theme: When Bits and Pieces Become Asterisms

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Organizer: Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee / City of Sapporo

History of SIAF

2006 Sapporo declared itself “Sapporo Ideas City,”* encouraging the cultivation of creativity in the city through art and culture.
* This declaration states the goal of Creative City Sapporo: a city where the wisdom of citizens, along with domestic and international exchanges, cultivates new industry and culture and constantly generates new information and things.
2010 The Sapporo Pre-Biennale Executive Committee was established by private citizens, aiming to hold an international exhibition in 2014.
2011 The Sapporo Pre-Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition 2011 was held at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art and the Sapporo Art Park.
2012 The Basic Concept of Sapporo International Art Festival was established, aiming for a triennial art festival in Sapporo.
2013 The City of Sapporo was designated as the world’s second and Asia’s first City of Media Arts of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network*.
*The UNESCO Creative Cities Network was created in 2004 to support international cooperation and exchange among cities that look for revitalization through cultivation and reinforcement of the creative and cultural industries. Fourteen cities have been designated as the City of Media Arts and Sapporo is the only one in Japan (as of October, 2017) .
2014 Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 (July 19 – September 28)
2017 Sapporo International Art Festival 2017 (August 6 – October 1)

Contact us

Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee

Address: North1, West2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, 060-0001, JAPAN
TEL: +81-11-211-2314
FAX: +81-11-218-5154
E-mail: info@siaf.jp