After garnering popularity in the early 80’s with performances using heavy construction equipment, he formed the group “Boredoms” in 1986. A performance with Sonic Youth propelled his debut in the United States, and he went on to influence on the underground scene globally. Since then, he has continued to put on experimental performances as a core member of Boredoms, and in 2007 hosted “77 BOA DRUM” in New York with 77 drummers, and in 2008, “88 BOA DRUM” in Los Angeles. Under his solo career, he was part of Otomo Yoshihide’s unit “GROUND ZERO” and has also performed with many artists including John Zorn and Bill Laswell, as well as achieving success as a DJ. As a visual artist he is known for creating the illustration for the cover of BECK’S 1999 record “Midnite Vultures” and publishing art books such as “NANOO” (1996) and “ONGALOO” (2006). He has also exhibited globally, including P.S.1 in New York. He is also part of a unit with artist Shinro Ohtake called “PUZZLE PUNKS”.