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Announcing the initial lineup for SIAF2020
About the cancellation of Sapporo International Art Festival 2020
Participating artists (Part 1), communication marks and more are announced
Communication Design Director Announced
Sapporo International Art Festival 2020 director team announced

About image loan for public information

Images for public relations are available when you introduce the Sapporo International Art Festival. Please confirm the image in the image list PDF for public relations.

If you wish to use it, please contact Sapporo International Art Festival Office by email after describing the necessary items in the following application form. After receiving the application, we will notify you by e-mail the URL and password for downloading the image for public relations within 3 days (except holidays).

If you do not contact us after 3 days, please contact us again.

Public relations image
Image use application form for public relations
Procedure to use
We list public relations image use application and submit by mail to Sapporo International Arts Festival secretariat
After confirming your application, send an email with URL and password from
Sapporo International Art Festival Secretariat Download image

About coverage application

We have received coverage application for the following contents.

・About Sapporo International Art Festival (About Sapporo International Art Festival 2020, etc.)
・About SIAF Lounge & SIAF Project Room
・Other things about Sapporo International Art Festival

If you would like to have a coverage, fill in the coverage application form below and submit it by e-mail to the International Arts Festival Secretariat by 3 days before the desired date (except holidays). Please give me.

Coverage application form

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