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Shinya Yoshida

Born in 1994 in Aomori Prefecture. Graduated from Akita University of Art. Currently he is studying at the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. He creates video works that allow viewers to imagine the indigenous memories of an invisible existence lurking in the background of a series of static landscapes through a uniquely constructed narrative. He exhibited at “Media Practice 18-19” (in 2020 on the Yokohama campus of the Tokyo University of the Arts), among other activities.


Video interviews with SIAF2020 participating artists are uploaded consecutively.
The summarized interviews are also available as text in PDF files along with the video interviews.
These PDF files are to be compiled into “SIAF 2020 Index”, a documentation book to share the full spectrum of SIAF2020 which will be published after February, 2021.

[About PDF file]
It is the edited text of the comments from the artist in the video interview to convey the projects within SIAF2020.
The QR code on the PDF file is linked to the video interview of the artist.
Please note that the linked URL is subject to change without prior notice.

Works (works that were to be exhibited, reference works, etc.)