Arvin Nogueras aka Caliph8 is a sound and visual artist.He explores the implication of merging, summing and hybridization, creating a new cultural syntax out of the debris of the already-given.
He delves into composition and sound exploration, where he deploys sheets of polyrhythmic beats, one-note samples and deconstructed audio cut and paste sound sequences, creating an aural continuity between the sampled musician and the synthesist. Sampling and sound manipulation are the main focus of his sound work, where the sound archive becomes a creative medium rather than a 2017 imprint of the past. This process allows him an involvement with the past without submitting to its structures and limitations. As the sound is captured and becomes isolated, ideas of reconnection, retrieval and deconstruction all interweave with one another.
Nogueras also creates video works and sound installations where he uses found footage and prepared/modified objects, wherein this exploration occasions a transformative ritual, a method of manipulation that reorganizes and juggles the data contained within the given sources to discern the sublimated patterns contained within its original form. The intention is to not only create new images, permutations, rhythms and textures from pre-existing material but rather in investigating their origins and uncovering their occluded histories. This enables voices and sounds from the past to mutate into new forms and context, thus producing engaging or uninteresting collisions that link to the past while determining its relevance to the present.
His influences span from true school hip-hop, experimental, folk, no wave, sound art, new music and ethnomusicology among others. He combines all of these elements and creates a hybrid permutation of gut wrenching aural blast, creating an open-ended tension between the output and the listener.
For the past 22 years, he has been active in Manila and overseas, primarily involved with the local visual and sound art and platforms.
He also founded the sound platform Subflex (2003 to present) where he curates the shows featuring a plethora of diverse unpopular sound performances ranging from traditional, new music to experimental and noise.
Caliph8 has exhibited and performed in different museums and art spaces such as The Cultural Center of the Philippines, Asian Culture Center South Korea, LO-FTF in Copenhagen, XP in Beijing, The Shelter (Shanghai), Dommune in Tokyo, Institute of Lower Learning, Saigon, Green Papaya Arts Project, Manila, 1335 Mabini, Manila, The Drawing Room, Manila among others.
In 2015 he released a vinyl version of his album called “Stillborn Etudes on Dub Temple Records (Brisbane), a cassette tape called “Derelict Features of the Domain” on SVBKVLT (Shanghai) label in 2013 and a CD release “Realized Patterns & Splintered Sequences” from O-Rich (Tokyo) 2015.

Venue Sapporo Art Park, Large Practice Room (Geijyutsu-no-Mori 2-chome 75, Minami-ku, Sapporo)
Projects Ensembles Asia / Asian Meeting Festival