Saito Ayumu

From Kushiro. Starting with a drama group at Hokkaido University, Saito has been involved in numerous theater companies, including Sapporo Ramantica Theater Hobosha and Artists’ Guild of Sapporo (A.S.G.). While working as a stage, movie and TV actor in Tokyo from 2000, he released a large number of theatrical plays as the chief director of a theatrical company belonging to the Hokkaido Performing Arts Foundation, including Kame, moshikuwa … (lit. Turtle, or ….), Bayer in Winter, Nishisen 11-jo no Aria (lit. Aria at Nishisen 11-jo), Haru no Nocturne (lit. Spring Nocturne), and Hinshi no Osama (Dying King). He constructed, staged and performed Sapporo Fuyu Monogatari (Sapporo Winter Story) at the Winter Theater in the 67th Sapporo Snow Festival. He moved his base to Sapporo in 2016. He is the artistic director of the Hokkaido Performing Arts Foundation.