From "OPEN GATE 2016", Photo: Win Win

Sachiko M

Improvisator and composer. Sachiko M is an internationally active improvisator utilizing electronic instruments that generate test noise (sine wave). She received the Golden Nica prize in Ars Electronica, 2003. Her works are diverse, from sound installation to publishing photo books. She also participated in scoring the NHK TV program Amachan, and received the Best Composer Award in the 55th Japan Record Award for Shiosai no Memory, a song in Amachan, co-written with Otomo Yoshihide. She has since further deepened the art of scoring, mainly for TV dramas. Since 2014, she has directed and curated OPEN GATE as a project director for Asian Sounds Research, exploring a style of presentation that finds a new place in-between music and visual art.