Ito Ryusuke

Born in Sapporo, 1963. Filmmaker and visual artist. With the theme of the physical properties of visual media, Ito produces experimental films with collages and montages using cine-films as industrial waste and video installations in which a miniature set and a recorded video are arranged side by side for comparison. Major solo exhibitions include Tenjin Yoga Gekijo (lit. Tenjin Western Movie Theater, Mitsubishi Estate Artium, 2016), All Things Considered (Miyanomori International Museum of Arts, Sapporo, 2014) and Cinema 2.0: Ito Ryusuke’s Cinematic Machine (Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong, 2011). He has produced a large number of films, which have been shown in Japan and elsewhere, and has also written numerous commentaries on manga and subculture since the 1980s under the name of Murasame Kenji.