SIAF2014 outline

SIAF 2014 – the city’s first international art festival – will be held as part of the Creative City Sapporo initiative over a period of 72 days from Saturday, July 19 to Sunday, September 28, 2014, under the stewardship of Guest Director and globally renowned artist Ryuichi Sakamoto. The theme of the event is City and Nature. Globally active contemporary artists will contribute to this international art festival, which will provide opportunities for visitors to examine how cities can coexist with nature in the future. During SIAF 2014, a variety of projects will be implemented across Sapporo.
The entire city and its museums will serve as a stage for the event.


Artist-related Event : Film Screening Special Invitation Film for SIAF 2014 Title: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Specially screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 and scheduled for premiere in Japan
Director, screenplay, cinematography: Sophie Fiennes
Countries: UK, France, the Netherlands
Year: 2010
Duration: 105 minutes

・The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology (documentary, 2012)
*A sequel to The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema
・The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema by Slavoj Žižek (documentary, 2010)
・Tanz und Ekstase: Alain Platels VSPRS (TV, 2007)
*A documentary featuring Alain Platels
・The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (film essay, 2006)
・Hoover Street Revival (feature documentary, 2003)
・Because I Sing (documentary, 2001)
・The Late Michael Clark (2000)
・Lars from 1-10 (1998)
*A documentary featuring Lars von Trier

Date: Sunday, July 20, 2014
Venue: Northern Regions Academic Information Center PORTO (Hokusho University Sapporo)

Ticket Information

Film screenings to mark SIAF 2014 scheduled in various locations around Sapporo

Date: Saturday, July 19 – Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Venue: Theatre image Forum(Tokyo)
Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014
Venue: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM)
Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014
Venue: Former Sumitomo Ponbetsu Coal Mine Site


Anselm Kiefer & Sophie Fiennes Photo by Anton Corbijn