The 3rd SIAF-bu Lecture Series “What is “curator ”? ~ people who shape art festival~“*Only Japanese

The 3rd SIAF-bu Lecture Series “What is “curator ”? ~ people who shape art festival~“*Only Japanese

As part of the activities of the SIAF-bu, this year's “Lecture Series” was held in which experts and artists involved in art projects were invited to learn about the significance and management of art projects. The third installment is “What is “curator ”? ~ people who shape art festival~". We invite Shihoko Iida and Tomoko Yabumae, who worked in the past SIAF2017 as the curator and are still active in various fields. We will approach their job through this talk event, about how they think and take their role in the scene of art festivals.

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Shihoko Iida

SIAF2014 Associate Curator / Aichi Triennale 2019 Chief Curator

Born in Tokyo in 1975. curator. Activities based in Nagoya. Worked at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery for 11 years from the preparatory period of 1998 opening. From 2009 to 2011, she was a visiting curator at ACAPA, a research institute in the Queensland Art Gallery / Contemporary Art Museum in Brisbane, and stayed in Seoul as a 2011 International Fellowship Researcher at the National Museum of Modern Art, Korea. After returning to Japan, she has been curator of international exhibitions such as SIAF2014. From October 2014 to March 2018, associate professor at Tokyo University of the Arts. She is interested in the relationship between contemporary art and joint planning in the Asian region, the artistic and cultural system including museums and biennales, and society, and has been conducting joint exhibitions in Seoul, multiple cities in Australia, New Delhi and Jakarta.

Tomoko Yabumae

SIAF2017 band member (curatorial member) / curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Born in 1974 in Tokyo. Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. She has been involved in exhibitions and collections since 2004. In addition to curation, she has contributed many articles to magazines. In addition to contemporary art, there are many works related to expressions that are not defined by genres, such as those on the boundaries of peripheral areas such as fashion and music. At SIAF 2017, curated the Sapporo Art Park and Hokkaido University Museum. Her main exhibitions have been “Shinro Ohtake, 1955‒2006” (2016), “Sayako Yamaguchi, the Future Wearer”, “Where are Adults and Children Thinking?” (2015), “MOT Satellite 2017 Spring Traffic ”(2017, above).

The 3rd SIAF Lecture Series “What is “curator ”? ~ people who shape art festival~“

Date and time: December 22, 2018 (Sat) 16: 00-18: 00 (opening 15:30)

Venue: Wakuwaku Holiday Hall 2nd floor, 1st meeting room (Kita 1-jo Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)

Capacity: 80 (first-come, first-served)

Application: Prior application system. Accepted by telephone (011-211-2314) or application form (bottom of page) from Monday, November 26.

※ Because we reached capacity, acceptance was finished.