Podcast Program
SIAF Director's Lounge

This newly launched podcast is a program in which Director OGAWA converses with a
guest from a field that differs each time. Through various topics, they talk about the future, which is the keyword for SIAF2024.

In Hide's One Minute Keyword for SIAF2024, OGAWA introduces one keyword each time that can be a hint to explore SIAF2024.

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*Please note that the most episodes are available only in Japanese. Some episodes will be in English.

Vol. 01: Wednesday, June 15 *This episode is available only in Japanese.
[Guest: AKIMOTO Katsuhiro (Mayor of Sapporo/Chair of SIAF Executive Committee)] 
OGAWA welcomes AKIMOTO Katsuhiro, Mayor of Sapporo, for the first episode.
They talk about the theme of SIAF2024 "LAST SNOW", the meaning of "snow" which is very close to Sapporo, and their thoughts and expectations for SIAF2024, while setting their viewpoints on the future.

Vol. 02: To be uploaded on Wednesday, June 29 *This episode is available only in Japanese.
[Guest: MATSUSHIMA Michiaki (Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Japan)]