Overview of the Forthcoming Sapporo International Art Festival

In their meeting of Wednesday, July 14, the Sapporo International Art Festival Executive Committee established the basic overview of the forthcoming Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF), to be held approximately three years from now. The next SIAF will inherit and expand upon the policies and plans for the cancelled SIAF2020.

The SIAF Executive Committee will soon commence the Director selection process, and will announce the appointment around January 2022.

We hope for your continued interest in the Sapporo International Art Festival.

Overview of the next Sapporo International Art Festival


    Winter 2024 (fiscal year 2023)
    Exhibition period will be selected to showcase the most compelling characteristics of Sapporo’s winter season (e.g. snowfall).


  • Locations in both the city and suburbs of Sapporo.
  • Venues which make the most of Sapporo’s winter appeal.

Program Direction

  • Introduce works and projects based on themes of cold climate, snow and the culture of northern regions.
  • Deliver works, subjects, and programs which make contemporary art accessible.
  • Update the festival with initiatives to improve quality and visitor satisfaction.

- Create a festive mood throughout the city.
- Offer a variety of opportunities to join the festival.
- Realize exhibits which resonate with the citizens of Sapporo.
- Communicate SIAF’s innovative spirit internationally.

Curatorial Team

  • Appoint and work closely with local professionals to create an art festival unique to Sapporo as well as lasting benefit and experience to the Sapporo community.
  • Establish a “Communication Design Team” as a link between the art festival and the audience.

Director Selection Criteria

  • Ability to work with the Curatorial Team, Communication Design Team and Secretariat to realize exhibitions/projects of contemporary art and media art.
  • Ability to establish a theme and concept for the festival which fulfills the basic vision of SIAF and realizes the specific aims of SIAF2024*, based on Sapporo’s designation as a “Creative Media Arts City” within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
  • Ability to work respectfully and collaboratively for planning and realization of projects with a team including local specialists (local curators, communication design team etc.).
  • Ability to communicate the art festival as a spokesperson for SIAF2024*.
  • Familiarity and understanding of the history, culture and climate of Sapporo/Hokkaido would also be desirable, to enable planning and supervision of exhibits which highlight the characteristics of Sapporo in winter.
    * provisional title