Announcement of the Director of Communication Design

The Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) is an art festival held every three years in Sapporo, Japan. While it has been held during the summer and autumn since its launch in 2014, this third 2020 edition will take place during Hokkaido's famously frigid and snowy winter in a bid to embrace the unique characteristics of this fascinating city. Through SIAF2020, we hope to boost the creativity of local residents by bringing works of contemporary and media art into the city, while simultaneously promoting Sapporo and its attractions across Japan and to the rest of the world through this encounter with the city's characteristic climate, as well as the cultures of the northern region at large.

To ensure its success, SIAF2020 will be helmed by a team of three directors, each with a specific area of expertise: two Curatorial Directors will co-curate and manage the SIAF programs, while the Director of Communication Design will focus on promoting SIAF effectively to its prospective visitors.

In September 2018, we announced the appointment of the Curatorial Directors for contemporary and media art, respectively. Today, we are pleased to announce the appointment of the Director of Communication Design, who has been selected from the public.

As a member of the team of directors, the Director of Communication Design will work closely with the Curatorial Directors to curate and manage SIAF2020. She will also work to promote SIAF to visitors in a readily intelligible manner by developing guidelines on publicity and public relations, traffic lines and signage at venues, art promotion and appreciation programs, and more.


【Director of Communication Design 】

Kanoko Tamura(Japan)

Kanoko Tamura runs Art Translators Collective, an organization specializing in interpretation and translation in art. She explores the possibilities of creative communication and translation as a mediator while working in many fields, including interpretation, translation, editing and publicity in Japanese and English. Not only does she accompany artists visiting Japan and serve as an interpreter at discussion sessions held at major museums, galleries, international art festivals, and performing arts programs, she also works as a translation director responsible for coordinating optimal dialogue strategies according to the context of a given event or publication. Tamura teaches English and communication classes for artists in the Global Art Practice Course of the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts as a part-time lecturer. She graduated from Tufts University (U.S.) with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2008 and from Tokyo University of the Arts with a B.A. in Inter-media Art in 2013. She is a member of Arts Commons Tokyo.

Photo by Hajime Kato

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