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The “SIAF Fumu Fumu Room” opens at the Craft Hall in Sapporo Art Park

  • SIAFふむふむルーム内観写真

In accordance with the opening of Mika Ninagawa's solo exhibition “Into Fiction / Reality”* at the Sapporo Art Museum in Sapporo Art Park, one of the venues of Sapporo International Art Festival (SIAF) 2020, “SIAF Fumu Fumu Room” opens at the Craft Hall to introduce the highlights of SIAF2020.

Fumu Fumu is a Japanese onomatopoeia that expresses the sense of understanding such as "I got it" or "I see." We hope this space will offer you an opportunity to get to know SIAF!

*In order to ease congestion, admission to the museum requires a pre-purchased fixed date ticket. For more details, please check the website of Sapporo Art Park.

"SIAF Fumu Fumu Room" is a special space with an huge banner of about 6m in height that expresses the theme of “Of Roots and Clouds” and panel exhibitions that introduce the appeals of SIAF2020, contemporary art and media art.

Feel free to stop by the “SIAF Fumu Fumu Room” when you visit Sapporo Art Park.


Craft Hall, Sapporo Art Park
2-75, Geijutsunomori, Minami-ku, Sapporo-shiDates
First Period: Monday, June 1–Sunday, June 28 August 23
Second Period: Saturday, July 18–Tuesday, August 25
Third Period: Saturday, September 12–Tuesday, November 3Free Admission

Opening Hours
(closes at 17:00 after September)
*It's open throughout the each period, but please note that the periods and opening hours are subject to change due to the status of COVID-19.