Art is necessary for business! ? <br> -Business x Art-
Sapporo City Library and Information Center x Sapporo International Art Festival Co-sponsored course / SIAF 2020 Director's Talk 3rd

Art is necessary for business! ?
-Business x Art-

In recent years, many books have been published that discuss the importance of art appreciation and artistic culture from a business point of view. How does art knowledge and "art thinking" connect with business? Taro Amano, planning director of SIAF 2020, and Mr. Yoichi Takebayashi, Inc., who practices art-based workshops at companies etc., discuss how art can help businesses.

Event Details

【Date and time】

June 6th, 2019 (Thursday) 18: 30220: 00 (Opening 18:00)


Sapporo Citizens’ Exchange Plaza, 1st floor SCARTS Court (North 1 Jo Nishi 1 Chome, Chuo Ward, Sapporo City)


80 people (application unnecessary, on the day of arrival) Free Join


Taro Amano

SIAF2020 planning director [contemporary Art in charge] / supervising director

Yoichi Takebayashi

Co., Ltd. Creative jungle representative Director

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