2023.02.03 Press Conference on February 14 to Announce SIAF2024 Vision, Program Outline, and First Round of Artists
2022.03.16 Director Hideaki Ogawa visited Sapporo !!
2022.01.25 Appointment of SIAF2023-24 Director / Message from New Director
2022.01.17 SIAF Returning in Winter 2023-24
Promotional Video Released
2021.09.30 “SIAF2020 Index+” Now Available Online
2021.07.19 Overview of the Forthcoming Sapporo International Art Festival
2021.04.28 "SIAF2020 Index" Now Available Online
2021.04.21 Closing Talk(English)
2021.03.28 "SIAF2020 Index" Now on Sale!
2021.03.17 SIAF2020 Document VR content is now available!
2020.02.07 Migishi Kotaro Museum of Art, Hokkaido (mima)
2020.02.07 Klaus Pobitzer
2020.02.07 Kotaro Migishi
2020.02.07 Rainer Prohaska
2020.02.07 Sapporo Art Park