World-renowned sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) created the basic design of Moerenuma Park, based on his dynamic idea to “make the entire park one sculptural piece”.
Construction began in 1982, and the grand opening was held in 2005. In this expansive 189 ha site, one can enjoy the beautiful landscape composed of a fusion between nature and art, where the facilities utilize the geometric forms such as Mt. Moere, with its panoramic view of the mountain range that surrounds the Ishikari Plain, and the “Sea Fountain” which shoots up water up to 25 meters high. This posthumous work of Noguchi is one of the world-class facilities in Sapporo.

A cosmos of sound spreading from Isamu Noguchi’s park

At the Moerenuma Park venue, with the iconic glass pyramid as the focal point, projects that tie together the sculptor Isamu Noguchi’s cosmic perspective with the present will be exhibited both in and outdoors. A new work based on Otomo Yoshihide, Yasutomo Aoyama, and Takayuki Ito’s work, “without records” will be shown at the glass pyramid, where the unique acoustics of the space allow for a 12 second-long reverberation.

ARTSAT×SIAF Lab’s work, “Sculpture to be Seen from Space, Improvisation to be Heard from Space.” will launch a balloon from the park, all the way to the stratosphere, and using live coding devices, will take on the challenge of improvising a musical performance to connect with space. All throughout the park, there will be temporal music to be heard, as the entire park itself will be one big sound sculptural space.


Moerenuma-koen 1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
From Sapporo Station [5 min by subway] to Kanjyo-dori Higashi Station [25 min by bus] to Moerenuma Park East Entrance
By car
30 min. from Sapporo Station / Odori Station areas