Central Area

The Tanukikoji and Susukino Areas are located on the south side of Odori Park, a park which runs through the center of the city. Tanukikoji has a 900 meter long commercial street which runs east to west, bustling with about 200 stores where the local residents shop for daily necessities, as well as a sightseeing and souvenir shopping destination for foreign tourists. It is also famous for being one of Japan’s three biggest downtown areas along with Kabukicho (Shinjuku, Tokyo) and Nakasu (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka). One of the new initiatives for the SIAF2017 is to make this “Central Area” one of the main venues of the festival.


By public transportation
From Sapporo Station [1 min by subway] to Odori Station (Tanukikoji area)
From Sapporo Station [3 min by subway] to Susukino Station (Susukino area)

The Art Festival in the Downtown Project

There are those who create exceptional work with an unparalleled passion, yet do not look for validation from the broader public. In the Central Area, we will exhibit valuable works of art that Sapporo prides itself in, such as “Retro Space Saka Hall” and “Tairyo Izakaya Tecchan”, which do not associate themselves with any context, but have a definite presence.

Streetcar Project ~The City and Tram~

The Sapporo Streetcars have been receiving much attention since the route looping that was enabled at the end of 2015. For SIAF2017 we focused on the tram area, especially the history and lifestyle of the former Yamahana village, for its origins as the pioneering area of Sapporo. We will conduct projects in which the artists and residents will together brainstorm, experiment, and conceptualize ways to realize community-specific lifestyles that relate the economic sphere with everyday lives, through utilizing the streetcars in new ways.