The Sapporo Art Park opened in July 1986 to encourage new arts and cultural development of the northern territories. This expansive 40 ha site, with its rich natural environment, houses the Sapporo Art Museum, which hosts several exhibitions throughout the year, and the Sapporo Sculpture Garden where visitors can enjoy 74 sculptural works by 64 artists along with the changing of seasons, and other facilities such as the Craft Studio and the Art Hall that are available to the public for multi-use.

A place where artists come together, transcending genre

In the Sapporo Art Park venue, unique artists whose careers have developed into a genre unto themselves, will create a space where they resonate with each other in the expansive park. Participating artists EYƎ and Yasunao Tone have gone back and forth between the visual and audio, and have a close rapport with Otomo Yoshihide.

Their work, which vividly expresses the “present”, is sure to liberate us from the banal everyday and bring us into a new consciousness of time.


2-75 Geijutsunomori, Minami-ku, Sapporo
From Sapporo Station [18 min by subway] to Makomanai Station [15 min by bus] to Sapporo Art Park Entrance
By car
35 min. from Sapporo Station / Odori Station areas