Sapporo O-furoshiki Team × Project Fukushima!

Project Fukushima! was formed by volunteers from Fukushima and elsewhere after the Great East Japan Earthquake to provide information on the present and future of Fukushima to the world (the initial representatives were Otomo Yoshihide and Endo Michiro (musicians) and Wago Ryoichi (poet)). The group has updated and announced information on the present state of Fukushima through various activities, including Festival Fukushima, which is held in August with giant patchwork furoshiki, and the operation of DOMMUNE Fukushima! (an Internet broadcasting station). In recent years, a festival with large furoshiki has been held in Aichi, Ikebukuro, Tajimi and many other parts of Japan. The Sapporo O-furoshiki Team started in 2014, when the Festival Fukushima! Bon Dance at Kita 3-jo Plaza, a special program of SIAF 2014, was held. People who have gathered to make large furoshiki are loosely connected and are currently working at the O-furoshiki Factory in the city center. This year, members of Project Fukushima! (Yamagishi Seinoshin (present representative), Nakazaki Tohru, Asano Kota, Koike Akiko, and others) and the Sapporo Team will cooperate to spread large furoshiki in various parts of Sapporo during the period of SIAF2017.