Musica Htet

Musica Htet was originally from Yangon and born in Yangon. He studied Contra Bass extended technique and experimental noise music under Brian O’Reilly. Living as a classical recording engineer and Foley artist. He started his first solo noise performance at the Yangon Gallery in 2014. He is now helping Yangon to develop a better noise scene in Myanmar. Most of his work and researches focus on experimental music scene in South East Asia. His further studies were audio networking and surround mixing system. His first noise track was released in oversea with other South East Asian musician under the album name of “NOT YOUR WORLD MUSIC”.

Venue Sapporo Art Park, Large Practice Room (Geijyutsu-no-Mori 2-chome 75, Minami-ku, Sapporo)
Projects Ensembles Asia / Asian Meeting Festival