Photo: Komaki Yoshisato

Matsui Shiro

Born in Tenri, Nara, 1960. Professor at Kyoto City University of Arts. After his first solo exhibition in 1983, Matsui Shiro attracted attention as one of the young artists playing a key role in the Kansai new wave with a unique formative art created with various materials, humor and intelligence. He began to create works with silicone rubber in 1991, and has output numerous site-specific works using nylon balloons since releasing The Way to Artwork is Through the Stomach, a masterpiece using materials for tents, in 1997. His works applying principles of natural science shake human perception and space recognition. He has tried to do gardening in space and bring back bottled cosmic space in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and has organized the Message in a Bottle art project in various areas since 2014.