Kuwakubo Ryota

Born in Tochigi, 1971. Artist, associate professor at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), and part-time instructor of the Department of Information Design at Tama Art University. In 1988, he produced Bitman with Meiwa Denki, and began to produce work using electronics. He created his own style called “device art” through work that highlights phenomena occurring on various boundaries, including those between digital and analog, between humans and machinery, and between an information provider and a receiver. Since The Tenth Sentiment, an installation released in 2010, he has created pieces that prompt viewers to weave their own experiences. His other major works include Video Bulb, PLX, Block Jam (a collaboration with Sony CSL) and Nikodama. In addition to solo activities, he also acts as a member of Perfektron, an art unit exploring life themes and experimentation. He released Lost #13 at SIAF Project Room (Shiryokan) in 2015, and provided technical assistance for Sapporo Loop Line at the Sapporo Snow Festival in 2017.