Kishino Yuichi

Born in Tokyo, 1963. Kishino calls himself a “studist,” a title representing his diverse activities as a musician, writer and lecturer. He teaches at the Graduate School of Film and Media, Tokyo University of the Arts and Bigakko. In addition to undertaking projects like the Moustached Widow and Watts Towers, he invites artists from overseas and organizes various events. He also appears on TV and radio, writes music and film reviews, and often gives talks. The Best way for counting numbers, a musical directed by and starring him, won the Grand Prize in the Entertainment Division of the 19th Japan Media Arts Festival by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. He has produced unique artists, including Oorutaichi and Gangpol & Mit, through his own label Out One Disc. In the 68th Sapporo Snow Festival, he produced a music shadow play titled Totto Mall, using a large snow sculpture. He always explores innovative projects.