Hata Satoshi

Born in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido, 1960. Lives in Sapporo. Artist. Since staying in Germany in 1995 on a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service, Hata has been actively involved in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and elsewhere. In SIAF2014, he participated in planning as a regional director. His major exhibitions include the International Sculpture Drawing Biennial Budapest ’96 (Vigado Gallery and three other venues, Hungary, 1996), VOCA ’96 – the Vision of Contemporary Art (Ueno Royal Museum, 1996), Anstiftung zu einer neuen Wahrnehmung (Bremen Weserburg Museum of Modern Art, Germany, 2001), Global Players: Contemporary Japanese and German Artists (Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Germany, 2006), Mirror – Chinese Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition (Renke Arts Center, China, 2012), GNG Hokkaido 2014 – Gwangju Hokkaido Special Exhibition (Gwangju National Museum, South Korea, 2014) and Aichi Triennale 2016. He won the Sapporo Cultural Encouragement Prize in 2004, and the Hokkaido Cultural Encouragement Prize in 2012.